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Anglická tisková zpráva

Motorcycle off/on road television project M-C-N at czech TV broadcaster Prima Cool for third time... with Touratech support.
Czech terrestial television broadcaster Prima Cool will bring on sreen at spring 2014 another (third) series of motorcycle documentary/reality show M-C-N (motorcycles on – off road) produced by independent producer V.S.O.P Production.  Touratech CZ together with Touratech AG support this project since initial trip/shooting at Morocco at 2010, where participated Tomas Kocanda (from Touratech CZ) as guide for popular czech rock singers Vaclav Noid Barta and Lou Fananek Hagen together with actor and speaker Martin Zounar.

Second trip was unguided and shooted by crew using just one SUV (instead of two 4x4s at Morocco) and with different group of artists – above mentioned singers were replaced by another popular actors Pavel Liska (15+ movies, number of TV projects…) and Filip Blazek. Producer (Egon Kulhanek) coupled those two on his motorcycle as third biker. Their 5500km long trip to Turkey was broadcasted at late spring 2013 and gained very good ratings and popularity – mainly beacause of humorous approach of Pavel Liska, who is one of most popular czech actors and his presence in the project was good move for broadcasting share numbers.
This summer is modified team M-C-N leaving for Armenia and Georgia at Caucasus. Because Filip Blazek is tight by theatre projects, production appointed another czech actor – Jan Revai, to ride alongside Egon and Pavel to Eurasia.

Touratech is proud to help to happen this project and as in past years, equipped their motorcycles with accessories and travel equipment for the team members. All riders will use ZegaPro panniers, textile bags, protection parts as well as accessories for increased ergonomics for long distance and offroad riding. Touratech CZ coordinated also technical and material support from partners like Garmin CZ, Interphone or Adventure Menu. Many hours has been spent in Touratech CZ workshop to install all parts on each bike and prepare them for tough terrains at mountains between Armenia and Georgia.  Motorcycles of producer (Egon Kulhanek) and Pavel Liska were already equipped from last year adventure, but Jan Revai replaced his F650GS by BMW 1150GS Adventure just before the trip, so we had to work hard to prepare everything to be perfect for loading bikes 19. August, when the support car is leaving for trip to Turkey, where the crew will unload bikes and continue on two wheels to Caucasus. Bike-to-bike and bike-to-filmcrew communication is based on Interphone F5 wireless devices and navigation provided by Garmin loaded with topographic maps – all prepared for each member at Touratech CZ.

Short crew bio / motobio:
Pavel Liska (*1972) is famous czech actor, known also from Czech National Theatre and more then 15 longform movies and numerous TV projects and shows. Pavel is riding BMW F650GS (twin), but his biker´s experience started at age of 9 years on 50ccm moped. Once he got his BMW, he practically riding non-stop on it.

Jan Revai (*1974) is quite popular czech actor and dancer. He was dancing in one of most popular czech dancing group UNO and with dance his was lead him in the Music Theatre Karlin, where is director Egon Kulhanek – producer of  M-C-N series. Jan was acting in number of musicals (Carmen, Cats, Dracula, Hair, Romeo and Juliet..) and also at about 20 film movies and number of TV projects. Jan is riding  from age 10, when he started on 50ccm Jawa motorcycle for young people and after single cylinder BMW F650GS purchased his first boxer 1150GSA this summer.
Egon Kulhanek (*1965) is successful producer, director and manager. He produced czech versions of musicals – Carmen, Dracula, Keep Cool, West Side Story and number of others. He gained two gold, two platinum and one double platinum records for music from Dracula musicals as well as czech Grammy award etc. As above two colleagues he started with Jawa 50. At age over 40 he decided to try BMW F800GS, what he replaced after about 50000km by BMW R1200GS Adventure.





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